We have produced a series of leaflets aimed to provide details about how we can support parents and children alike.



These leaflets are quite large so they will take some time to download onto your computer.


This leaflet describes what ADHD is : What is ADHD 2015 A4


To learn about ADHD behaviour you should read this leaflet : Behaviour 2015 A4


Information on diagnosis of ADHD can be found in this leaflet : Diagnosis 2015 A4


This leaflet goes through the different medication options : Medication 2015 A4


There are plenty of organisations you can turn to : Useful Organisations 2015 A4


And, of course, we can help too : ADHD Matters Service leaflet 2016


Manage your techie! Some useful ideas for computer time management:
ADHD Gaming


Coping with Christmas







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