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Here at ADHD Matters we recognise that children and young people need to understand ADHD as much as parents, teachers and Doctors.

So we have put together a list of really useful links and tips for you so that you can find information that will help you make positive choices and manage how you feel.



This is really good website not just for ADHD but also other stuff that matters to you. Just type in the search box ADHD and lots of information will pop up!            

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Fixers have different backgrounds, interests and life experiences, and come from every corner of the UK. There are really useful videos of young peoples experiences and how they fixed them.

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This  website has information you can download and share with your parents, teachers, carer and friends to help them understand ADHD. There are also things to download to help you manage at school too.

ADHD Kids Rock

ADHD Kids rock is a great website and blog, all set up by a young person with ADHD in America. There are lots of tips and ideas to help understand ADHD and learn to manage it.

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This is a local Northamptonshire website where you can find out about things like work, education and staying safe. There is also information on how you can have your say and express how you feel about the things in your life.

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